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How to display your latest followers in your Twitter banner

How to display your latest followers in your Twitter banner

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So I was doomscrolling as usual when I saw @tibo_maker profile banner. It displays his last 3 followers and is updated every 60 seconds.

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I loved it and decided to make a quick test with PHP to see if I can emulate it works!

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You can test it on @albertobeiz

How does it work?

I used a simple Symfony Console Command, Abraham Twitter OAuth and Imagick

It shouldn't bee too hard to translate my solution to plain PHP or to a Node.js script.

Click here to get the full source code

Twitter App Setup

First you need to set up a Twitter Developer application. Click here and give your app a name

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Now save you API Key and API Secret and click on get user tokens. Then generate your Access Token and Secret and save them.

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Time to code!

First we connect to Twitter using TwitterOauth and our 4 keys:

protected function execute(InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output)
    $connection = new TwitterOAuth(

Then create an empty image

$banner = new Imagick();
$banner->newImage(1500, 500, '#fefefe');

Now get the list of your followers and keep the last 5 (first 5 in the list)

$ids = array_slice($connection->get('followers/ids')->ids, 0, 5);

Now get each follower's avatar and add it to the banner. I know...lot's of magic numbers to position the avatars...but it's just a propotype!

$initialX = 1500 - (140 * 5);

foreach ($ids as $i => $id) {
    $profileImageURL = $connection->get('users/show', ['user_id' => $id])->profile_image_url_https;
    $imageBlob = file_get_contents($profileImageURL);
    $profileImage = new Imagick();
    $profileImage->borderImage('#1da1f1', 3, 3);
    $profileImage->scaleImage(120, 120);

    $banner->compositeImage($profileImage, Imagick::COMPOSITE_OVER, $initialX + $i * 140, 500 - 185);

Then add the text

$draw = new \ImagickDraw();
$draw->setFillColor(new \ImagickPixel('#0a0a0a'));
$banner->annotateImage($draw, $initialX, 295, 0, 'Latest Followers:');

$draw->setFillColor(new \ImagickPixel('#666666'));
$banner->annotateImage($draw, $initialX + 305, 472, 0, 'Updates every 60 seconds');

And we're done! Just upload your new banner to Twitter

$connection->post('account/update_profile_banner', [
    'width' => 1500,
    'height' => 500,
    'offset_top' => 0,
    'offset_left' => 0,
    'banner' => base64_encode($banner->getImageBlob())


To execute the script every minute add it to a cron task

* * * * * path to your script or Symfony Command

Here's the source code again

Hope you liked this little experiment!

Leave you twitter user in a comment if you have a dynamic banner so I can try it!

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